Chaminade Club of Providence, RI


Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you well and at home with your families . This has been a very difficult  and challenging eight months for everyone and I know a lot of us have had to struggle with loneliness, sickness, coping with having children at home, home schooling , learning and teaching virtually , losing your jobs , and  not able to perform .  We wonder when this pandemic will be over , when the vaccine will be available and when the world will be at peace and safe again.
The Chaminade Club Board members and myself want you to know  we miss seeing you at our monthly Musicales and Teas , we miss the music, talking with you, enjoying a cup of tea, coffee, or just a little hug saying “ Hi” .
We want you to know  that we have not  forgotten you because of the  corona virus and the cancelations of our Musicales.  We sincerely hope we will be able to be back in February, 2021.
A lot of us have been doing  house cleaning, cooking and baking these days,  me included . We thought it would be fun for us to share recipes and some music with you. I have asked Nancy Fried , a very fine cook, baker and gardener, to share one of her many  fabulous recipes . She sent her Cranberry Bundt Cake recipe for us to enjoy during the holidays. Nancy Fried, is the one who prepared the many whimsical , creative center pieces for our table  every musicale . We also  want to share some  piano music  recorded  at the Steinway Hall in Boston on September 2020 by our newest and youngest member, Anessa Petteruti . Anessa is a Rhode Islander and a senior at Brown University majoring in computer science. She studies piano  with Arlene Cole at Brown.  Anessa studied piano at the New England Conservatory  Preparatory School  prior to attending Brown. She has won several competitions and performs nationally and internationally.  Outside of music and coding, Anessa loves tennis and photography , specifically food photography, and shares her love of the art on Food Finessa.
Lastly, we wish all of you a peaceful, safe , joyous  and  healthy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.  God bless us all.

My best wishes,