Chaminade Club of Providence, RI

For over 100 years the Chaminade Club of Providence has offerred classical music performances by its musician members, at the Mary K. Hail Music Mansion on the East Side.                     

 Our members number over 150, many of whom perform at a monthly musicale, and many more who attend the musicale to listen and enjoy fellowship at the formal tea which follows.     

 The Chaminade Club also takes great pride in encouraging the future musical endeavors of young adult musicians by awarding prize monies at its annual Scholarship Music Festival. 

 Over the course of a season, there are six Sunday afternoon musicales with tea.  In addition, a guest performer of distinction caps the season with a special "President's Day" musicale in May.  

We invite you to come, enjoy a delightful afternoon of music, appreciate the elegant setting of Mrs. Hail's home, and partake in one of Providence's unique musical experiences.