Chaminade Club of Providence, RI

Message from the President

April 2020

Dear friends and member of the  Chaminade Club, 

 I  would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have  missed not seeing you at our April and May Musicales . I miss the music, our fellowship, social time at Tea and the many smiles and hugs. 

My heartfelt  appreciation to our many performers and musicians who not just perform  brilliantly, but sometimes  turn pages, move pianos and set up the stage before performing. You have given us so much joy and we thank you for your devotion, selflessness and your gift of music.
Thank you for your donations to support the operation of the Club and  the Music Scholarship. Your generous guilt- free platter of goodies  was always a delight to partake.  Most of all I am thankful and appreciate  your loyal attendance, performances and help to make our Musicales  a joyous place to gather together on Sunday afternoons .We hope to see more of you in the coming year. 

Life has become so uncertain  and confusing with this corona virus pandemic. I hope you are well, staying at home and practicing social distancing. If you have lost a loved one to corona virus or any other sickness during this time, please accept our deepest sympathy.

 Pray God we will be able to have our scheduled musicales this Fall. Please check our website and  email from Linnea Wincze for any changes on" What's Happening. " 

Please be at peace, be healthy and know that we are in this together. May God bless us all. 

In the mean time, let's hope we will have a glorious summer and that we will be able to enjoy it freely.  See you all in the Fall. 

Please feel free to call, email or text me anytime. Love to hear from you. 

Roz or Rosalind